An update on our merge with CYM:

Both Music for Everyone and Canberra Youth Music recently held their Special General Meetings regarding the amalgamation, and the members present voted unanimously to approve the resolutions put to them at these meetings. These resolutions were to approve:

·     The terms of the amalgamation – the process used and that Music for Canberra (MFC) will commence on 1 January 2015

·     The Objects of Music for Canberra – these are listed in the new constitution and written as the Purpose of MFC in the business plan

·     The Constitution of MFC – based on the Model Rules with some additions and variations to meet the operational needs of MFC. This document was reviewed by Chamberlains Lawyers.

·     That MFE and CYM make a joint application to merge and form Music for Canberra.

This is a fantastic result and the Working Party wishes to thank everyone for your support and patience through this process. We look forward to an exciting future of expanded creative opportunities as Music for Canberra.

Behind the Scenes:

We are now working on a logo and branding & marketing campaign with the assistance of a specialist marketing agency. They are also developing the Music For Canberra website which will integrate a new membership database.

The member database is made especially for music organisations and the features of it will make your life easier too. You will be able to join and enrol online, pay fees online, check session times, get updates and more. We will keep you posted on this process as soon as there is more to announce.

Music for Canberra Board:

Our inaugural Board is comprised of 3 members each of the CYM and MFE Boards and are:

Julian Hunt (Chair):  Julian has a long association with CYM and is the current Chair of CYM

Anne Buck (Vice-Chair):  Anne has been on the Board of MFE for a number of years and is the current Chair. Anne’s children participate in music programs currently.

Andrew Bailey (Treasurer):  Andrew is a CPA and is the current treasurer of MFE. He is currently learning the saxophone and playing in an ensemble.

Dot O’Connor (Secretary):  Dot is the current CYM Treasurer and an active Board member for a number of years and brings her organisational talents to the Board

Michael Johns:  Michael is the previous chair of MFE and brings his passion for music to the Board, he has played in MFE’s ‘Lounge to Legend’ program and currently participates in an adult singing group.

Teresa Barnes:  Teresa has also been an active CYM Board member and also brings her passion and knowledge of both organisations to the Board. Her children are current participants of both CYM & MFE.

Remember, if you have any questions you can refer to any member of the working party or contact Sharon 0402 148 778

Christmas concerts 2014


Well it’s crept up on us again – it’s Christmas concert time! Music For Everyone’s very last Christmas concert (before we become Music For Canberra with Canberra Youth Music next year) will take place on December 14th 2014 – see poster for different times.

Our concert will take place at the beautiful Commonwealth Solar Observatory’s ‘Common Room’ atop Mount Stromlo – a stunning background against which to set a memorable day and afternoon of performances by our talented students! See link below for map & directions.

The grounds include some lovely surrounding lawns so we encourage you to pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it, have a wander around the premises between concerts and soak in the incredible 360 degree views of Canberra.

To find the venue, please click through to a map you can print out to navigate your way there. It’s a bit of a drive (if anywhere in Canberra can be considered that!) but we think it’s well worth the adventure.

Looking forward to see you all there and celebrating the closure of an epic 30-year era of Music For Everyone, as we open the book on the next chapter of our musical journey in 2015…

Holiday & renovation office hours


Next week (from Monday  29th September) marks the start of the school holidays; during this time the MFE office will keep odd opening hours, as we will be in the process of packing up our office and moving to temporary quarters whilst renovations are in process. If you would like to come in to process Term 4 enrolments, please call ahead to check that we are in fact in the office (and be sure to leave us a phone message if we don’t answer, so that we can contact you when we return to the office).

Our phone & email systems will be down (for relocation) the week beginning Monday 6th October, and may not be back up until the following week (first week of Term 4), so it is very important that we have all Term 4 enrolments finalised by the Friday 3rd October so that we don’t miss your calls or emails.

Don’t forget you can find all the info about Term 4 classes on our renovation information page, and you can download Term 4 enrolment forms here.

Introducing: Music For Canberra!


The Amalgamation Working Party has reviewed all the fantastic suggestions from our staff workshop and the members Facebook competition and after trying a few on for size have settled on…


The decision was based on a number of factors including the current branding and strong existing community reputations of both organisations, and the purpose of the new entity. We think “Music for Canberra” fits the bill nicely!

The Amalgamation Working Party is making good progress and have achieved some major milestones in the last 6 weeks. They have decided to keep as many of our programs and ensembles as possible going for now and review these later in 2015, so current members will experience minimal disruption. The proposed program structure will incorporate and build upon the current programs and ensembles of both MFE and CYM, and what this will offer members is a wider range of choices and flexibility to move through and between options. More information will be circulated as the Working Party finalise further aspects of the program.

It has been a busy couple of months, but the Working Party have made a big leap forward and now it’s full steam ahead to the finish line. Keep your eye on our website for updates!

Remember, if you have any questions you can refer to any member of the Working Party or contact Sharon Costigan on 0402 148 778.

Renovation information!

As many of you know, we’re moving out of the Ainslie Arts Centre in Term 4 as Capitol Works renovate the Centre for a Term 1 2015 reopening.

We have prepared a page of everything you’ll need to navigate our alternate Term 4 venues, so check out our renovation information page, and you can also read our latest member newsletter online here to stay up to date with our news!


During the renovation, we will be communicating any last minute changes (eg if your teacher is away sick) via mobile, so please ensure the office has your current mobile number on file!

MFE & CYM merge update

The “What will we call it?” naming campaign:

We closed our joint Facebook competition on 30th July and received a number of really good suggestions! These suggestions have been passed to the Amalgamation Working Party for consideration.
The Facebook competition also had a prize for the name with the most votes: this was won by Chayla Ueckert-Smith with her suggestion of Canberra Music Institute, complete with logo and musical description of the name! Very creative – well done Chayla.

Update from the Working Party:

The Amalgamation Working Party is making good progress and has been working on a Strategic 5-year Business Plan, including financial planning and reviewing the business operations that could be the most efficient and effective for the new organisation. So, whilst there is a lot going on behind the scenes there are no firm decisions to announce just yet.

Remember, if you have any questions you can refer to any member of the working party or contact Sharon 0402 148 778.

…and the winner is…


Thank you to all those who suggested names in the competition to name our new organisation – we were so inspired by the ideas you came up with! We are pleased to announce that the winner of the $50 iTunes voucher is Chayla Ueckert-Smith – congratulations for achieving the most votes!
A short-list of suggested names has been passed on to our Working Party for consideration – watch this space to see whether they select your suggestion, or a combination of names, or something inspired by one of the ideas…


The Worst Band in the Universe!

Our office staff attended the preview of Canberra Youth Theatre & Music For Everyone’s collaborative musical, Graeme Base’s ‘The Worst Band in the Universe’ today – and we can report back that it was ROCKIN! The music is fantastic (biased, us?), and the acting (and dance moves!) superb. Click the picture for performance dates & tickets:



Our CEO, Toni Maxfield, had this to say about the project:
“Music For Everyone is very excited to be able to team up with Canberra Youth Theatre to present “The Worst Band in the Universe”.  One of the benefits of sharing the Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres with so many other creative organisations, is that it supports the kind of spontaneous tea-room discussions that can lead to such exciting collaborative projects such as this one.  We love sharing our passion for creating new music with the community, so when CYT reached out for some young rock musicians, it was the perfect chance to pool the combined talents of our young members.
It has been a great opportunity for Music For Everyone’s Rock Academy students to broaden their experience and dip their toes into the world of musical theatre!   It was a challenging but fun task for our band to to re-create Base’s original musical soundtrack. A huge thanks goes to our dedicated team of teachers, led by Rock Academy coordinator Michelle Forman, for supporting our students throughout this project.”

And from Canberra Youth Theatre’s Artistic Director, Karla Conway:
“Canberra Youth Theatre, together with our partners Music For Everyone, are so pleased to welcome you to C Block Theatre for the ACT premiere of Graeme Base’s The Worst Band in the Universe – a pan-galactic musical adventure! This is a brilliant and humorous play with music, which recognizes the sophisticated and vast creativity of our youngest members of the company, as they take the path less travelled through space and time, in search for their own creative self-expression. CYT could not be more excited to share this journey with our collaborators – the young musicians from Music For Everyone’s Rock Academy! These inspirational musicians have composed a brand new score for the show with the support of Music Director Michelle Foreman, while our actors have created their own brand new interpretation of the book, guided by the experienced hand of director, Cathy Roach. It has been brilliant to share this journey with our friends at Music for Everyone and hope through our show, you all find the courage to release your own creative potential to the world, no matter how old you are!”